The Dark Ages

Tuesday April 15 1197

I joined with my cotieri at the princes early this night we had many things to discuse. but things did not go at all to plan the princes own childer plots aganst him, as the arch angels have said would be the case, and now owr misterys ar two fold.

I found my self of a hunger and in need my companion promesed to help me slat my thursed I did not know of how she wold go about this and had no idea of how dark her hart truly is now I am left pondering her punish ment and what leavel of it I am fit to carry out, is not judgement in this mater best left to god him self? can I turn my back on the injuered would that not make me just as vile in the eye’s of the lord, I feel sick I must find a confessor, a service have not activly needed in some time.

we returened to the haven on sycomore whitch we now knew as the haven of the princes child only to find he had mad it here first and taken a poitry book a blank jurnal and a city almanac, I wish I would have seen what was hidden with in thies texs no reason to belabor the point but I will pay the tratorys dis loyelty with the removal of his holy texts and the europien alminac who knows it may hold some clue yet.

I returned to the goodly Nosfaratu with a payment of knowledge to cover my debt and a desier to return to his holding for 2 more ansers sadly the anser to one of my questions was to be the price to the other ones anser a fair traid I hope I can manage in short order.

We left to see the citys night a blaze hopfuly contaned but I know in my hart it is the witches fault and so the bulder and I are off to find the witch and the Lost roman as well as help the children of seth battel our anchent enemy that has proven its self agenst the mortals more than once.

A fierce battel awated us as we were assailed by two strong children of the shadows and thair retuen of mercinarys I fulishly tryed to disarm the warrior of the two at least I stayed his blade from striking at the roman for a moment as well as gaining the attentions of his bound man, the witch was able to subdue the other child of Lasombra quite well and with out the need for phisical violence but the rape of the mind is still a worry as is the start of the bond but at least the child lives and can at some point find redemption. the builder has proven out his blood to be that of Troile I hope idealism out ways rage for goodness can lay down that road.

Both of the children of Lasombra survive and my thurst was sated on that of a fallen mercenary, I am pleased to say that I was able to stay the blad of an obviously unbound mercenary and save his life his shock at living was a holsom rewared for the punishment my form has enduered and my ability to see to his wounds and even convinc him to aid me in suppressing the fire pleases me greatly, and I have sought and gained the princes permition to goule the man I shall wait to insuer his desier for redemption is as pure as I feel it in the mean time I shall teach him my way whith the help of the goodly nosforatu who turns out to be my new confesser, and I will have the man train with the roman as a step to teaching the roman the langage of the land and building conections betwen the two it is my hope to at some point honer the redemed mercenary first as goule and later if he wishes as one of my own but I believe Samiel’s path will be more to his lot in gods greater order



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