The Dark Ages

Monday April 14th 1197

I was called to see the Prince this day and as he has yet to show him self unredemabal in the eye’s of God I shall I like this city and wish it to be my home.

Several of my kin in the blood of cain have gone missing I pray thay maneged to reach the blessed stat of golcanda or that thay still live. I have been in troduced to a troup that I shall be traviling with, A builder who holds him self in a proud and noble. a Harlot from the look’s of her whos looks belie a kinship to the artist but her way seems far to dark. and a roman defenetly blooded in the ventrue famaly, his time here will be had on him for a spell i hope I can ease some of his burdon.

We spoke to a goodly seeming Nosfaratu who was able to point us in the way of our first clue sadly it was the remans of the missing childer of Triole. it was at this time that we found our selfs under attack buy on of Malkaves blessed childer who’s true mind I faild to reach and whos sight beond lead her to assulting us luckaly I was thair or one of our party would have been gravly woulded.

the Malkaves flight led us to an intresting discovery, a haven existed on the near by roof top with many books (of witch I almost blemished my soul with the theft ther of inclouding 2 holy texts) and corispondence in one of the latin root languages I do not speak, but were of imediet importents to the Builder.



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