Major Players

Here is an overview of some of the major movers and shakers in the court of Marseilles.

Reinhart Prince Reinhart – Ventrue

The current Prince of Marseilles has ruled for nearly 300 years. He is a German by birth and makes no secret of his past. He was embraced in 950, and his sire took him on a tour of the Mediterranean regions. Marseilles is where he wound up when his sire decided to seek out his homeland – alone. Reinhart swiftly took charge of the political chaos of 10th century Marseilles and became a young Prince. His independence and lack of any allegience to one of the major powers of Western Europe was initially helpful as no one opposed him in his bid for control of the city.

The centuries have been less kind to Reinhart. Though he is at home on the battlefield or rousing allies for a political coup, the vagaries of politics are sometimes beyond him. He surrounds himself with advisors he believes he can trust, but the external forces keeping their eyes on Marseilles are multiplying and his neutral stance may soon become a liability.

Caledon – Ventrue

Prince Reinhart’s only child is Caledon. He is believed to be a native of Marseilles. Caledon acts as Reinhart’s advisor, counsellor and major domo. He is widely regarded as being more forceful and devious than his own sire.

Roslyn – Ventrue

Caledon’s only known childe. It is generally believed that Caledon embraced her because he is in love with her. Reinhart gave his childe permission to bring her into the darkness and the act was done only two years ago.


Aleissa – Lasombra

Aleissa has been a resident of Marseilles for just over a century. She takes a keen interest in the political goings-on and most believe her to represent the Lasombra-controlled kingdom, the Sea of Shadows – specifically the court of Aragon. She denies a connection to Aragon as well as most other accusations put against her.

Antonia – Toreador

Antonia is a recent arrival to Marseilles and is the ambassador of her sire, Queen Helene La Juste of Champagne, one of the leaders within the Toreador-controlled Courts of Love. Her open manner has ensured that she has been quickly accepted into the court of Marseilles. Reinhart is pleased to have her around, as she brings not only civility of discourse but also the air of legitimacy that his court so often lacks.

Remic Tarsus – Cappadocian

Remic seldom appears at court, though he has lived in Marseilles for centuries. Reinhart has been known to journey to the convent where he keeps his haven to seek his council.

Veshanta – Ravnos

Veshanta is a rare welcome Ravnos at court. Reinhart seems to greatly enjoy her company and her tales of India. She is capricious and will sometimes leave for weeks or months at a time, only to return bearing ever more impossible tales of her journeys to foreign parts.

Major Players

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