John Peter Mansa



Nature Caretaker
Demeanor Caretaker
Clan Salubri
Generation 7th

strength 1
dexterity 3
stamina 2

charisma 3
manipulation 3
appearance 2

perception 2
intelligence 5 (Creative)
wits 3

Alertness 2
Empathy 3
Expression 2
Subterfuge 2

Crafts (apothecary) 4 (innovative)
Performance 2

Academics (Quaternary)3
Investigation 2
Hearth Wisdom 4 (Herbalism)
Linguistics 3 (Arab,Latin,French, Hebrew)
Medicine 4 (surgery)
Theology 2

Valerin 3
Sense life
Auguring the Sickness
Healing touch
Auspex 2

Generation 5

Conscience 3
self control 5
courage 5
Road of Heaven 8
Willpower 5

Experience 1

Dark fate
pallid flesh
Dark secret (Salubri)

Edict Memory
smell of the other (Cappidotion)
Church rank Monk Hospitalar

Letter of monastic duty and privilege
Simple monk robes
Large leather satchel
jar of pure alcohol
roll of surgical tools from Timbuktu made of Damaskus steel
several spools of silk thread
roll of barbers tools
brick of Lie/lard soap
jar of maggots and bread
Latin Bible
Arabic Anatomy book
self made bleeding jar
Bags of medicinal herbs
Sturdy walking boots
Sturdy walking staff
Leather and fur cap
Thin silk cap
Thin silk body covering



Grew up in luxury in Toledo the thierd son of parents who united two powerfull merchent houses the Father a Moorish merchent with stong african and arabian ties, the mother Spanish catholic with her own intrests threw out christan euroupe.

trained in Music, Arithmetic, Geometry, and Astronomy. at school

learned the healing arts from the famalys apothacarys, barbers, mid wives, and funarary atendents

allowed to join the Monastic order of healers of st.Lazzeris he becoms a wanderring monk after his innitiaton and takes his fathers advice going to Timbuktu to learn thair advanced healing arts.

goes to the holy city to give away all of his remaining wealth to the poor and sick and wanders the city and surrounding area healing all he can regardless of religous following whitch would eventualy get him killed

On July 2, 1187 he was just out side of Tiberias during the final elimanation of king Guy’s army he har been patching up sericen wariors, Knights of the tepel, whater berers and tenders of the dead all the same on night he was caring for a young arabian woman who had been struk by an erant arrow well preparing the dead for thair final rest, she was struck in the back and the surgen knew tim was of the essence as her kidny was probobly punctuered. during his field surgery a small troop of flanking knights came nere by one of the knights noticing the seen from the nere by lantern, and cam over to demand that the monk leave the moorish witch to die, the monk told him it was his duty from god to help all the wounded and ill and that he would not leave the woman and had almost fineshed with her any way. the knight in a rage from watching the slaughter from the last five days decided to end the womans life so that the monk would get back to helping christians, but to his supris the monk had seen the sword blow intended for her and put him self in the way to save his patent and then to the knight he said "go and repent your sins you have tryed to kill an innosent woman and have sucseded in cutting down a holy man set about his task given him by god go and repent your sin and bear arms never again till god calls you to in the end days. the knight panicked droping his sword and ran away tears in his eyes. the monk lay ding from the wound but he knew he had saved 2 lives that night the womans and the knights becaus as serten as he has that her wound left unatended would have killed he he was more certen that none of the millitants of christanity would leave this feald alive.

Soon after the young woman got up and seeing all the blood and the dieing monk she fled, the monk had bandaged him self as well as he could considering his poor vantage point but he was bleeding out, then from a near by ridge down jumped a butiful jewish woman she walked over to the monk and complemented his dedication to the healing arts and his bravery as she looked at his wound then said, this wound will kill you you know? and he did but was to weak to talk so he simply noded and started to slip unconcios and he felt somthing wet and warm agenst his lips and heard the womans voice say Drink.

she decided for saftys sake to leave the holy land with her new childer and thay went north to the city of buda-pest here she told him the rules and as she stayed hidden he was sent out to be part of the local capidotions which she knew he could pass him self off as and would help him even if thay figuered out the truth. she also told him the city had doubal protection for her as she was known and if seen the hermedics would try to come for her but this city is in the power of the Caldunists.

Her fears were more acurit than her hopes for protection from the hermedics came to an end as the caldounists were busy fighting the nobel assassins she got away from them just enugh to get to the young “capidotian” and told him that in order for her and him to surviv he must diablarise her and clam the rewared offered by the foul hermedics keeping in play the clam that he is new to the ways of vamiers, this worked well and the trimer braought the young capidotian to another city with the blessings of the local clan and used thair blood magic to supress the tait left by the diablery as payment for destroying the Sulubri quickly the Monk took to the road traveling healing and studing always awaree of the secricy that must be kept in order to make his sires death meaning full.


A tall (5’11") Spainyard with many moorish traits(his father was a moor after all) allways slender as he never had much intrest in food or seeing to his own needs, with death came an un familiar paleness and even grater promanance of his skellital frame. He I ther waires his simple monks garb, cap and boots or when time for work comes he washes his own body off and soaks his silk cap and gown in alcohol the whaers that

John Peter Mansa

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