Donicus Crassus


Name:Donicus Crassus
Player:Charlie Brown
Concept:Roman General

Strength: 2 Dexterity: 2 Stamina: 2

Charisma: 4 Manipulation: 4 Appearance: 2

Perception: 2 Intelligence: 3 Wits: 4

Expression: 2 Intimidate: 5 Empathy: 2 Leadership: 4 Subterfuge: 3

Animal Ken: 2 Etiquette: 3 Melee: 4 Ride: 1

Academics: 3 Politics: 3

Presence: 1 Fortitude: 3

Generation: 5

Conscience: 2 Self control: 3 Courage: 5


( Donicus was raised in a respected warrior family, for his father was a well know hero. Growing up Donicus is smaller than most. The other kids take well advantage of this and pick on him daily. Therefore develops a very short temper. He excels at academics, But also gets into fights on a regular basis. At the age of 14 he enters officer training. With his smarts and wit he does very well, Also very skilled with a sword thanks to his fathers guidance. At the age of 21 he meets and falls in love with Aemilia Lepida a senators daughter. They marry a year later. He is later appointed 2nd in command to a dux. With his loving wife that always stands behind him they try to conceive a son. Good fortune befell them for they were pregnant with child. But she falls ill during child birth and dies with child. With the woman with his heart now passed on he dedicates to honor her name by dedicating his life to the roman empire and to win his battles in her name. At the age of 35 he was now the duxs of 2 legions. He has fought and won many battles. When he was 40 there was a battle that couldn’t be won he fought bravely and with courage but fell mortally wounded, But alas he could be with his beloved Aemilia. Little did he know the Venture prince of Lugdunum had his eye on Donicus for some time and came to Donicus before his last breath, and as he thought saved this powerful leader. Donicus didn’t know what was happening to him and lashed out in renewed strength. The prince being much stronger then him subdued him and said “Be calm for i have saved you. I have watched you for some time, and you are ment for greater glories then you could possibly imagine. For you are now a lord of the night a venture. Come now for day light is upon us we must find shelter. For now the daylight is your enemy.” Understanding what the prince has told Donicus his rage at being denied his honorable reunion with his beloved. He ment to destroy this unwanted sire, But once again as he attacked he fell to the power of his mighty foe the last words Donicus herd were" Maybe you will be ready to listen to reason in later years for now you rest." Everything went to black Donicus was now in torpor. During his rest his sire befell circumstances that ended in his death. For now Donicus waits to rise from his rest.)

I’m so hungry! Theres something or someone nearby. Before i know whats happening i have ripped a mans arm off and now gouging myself on his blood. He is dead drained and i’m no longer hungry. It looks like they were digging a well, a man got away now running and screaming. I have no time to worry for this i must wash myself of this gore Before someone finds me. I’m so confused what has happened to me. I walk on a road near by and head south i think there is a town not to far off. I find this strange town everything is so different nothing makes sense. A mad man that i came across said somthing to the fact it was 1197ad. I don’t understand whats going on i sit and stare into nothingness. People throw me strange coin they think me a beggar. I try to eat some bread a woman has gave me and my stomach disengouges both bread and the mans blood. I feel hungry again. I don’t think i eat normal food anymore. A beggar comes to me i tell him to follow me to an alley for some coin where i rip out his throat and feed on his blood. I enjoy this for death is something of comfort at least people die the same as i remember. Now i must rest. I know i must find shelter before the sun rises. That Venture eater of cock told me this much, and the sun is now about to start rising. Before i find my shelter a man and two others approached me the man said he was the sheriff and i was to follow him to see the prince of the city.

Donicus Crassus

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