Clan: Brujah
Nature: Autocrat
Demeanor: Caretaker
Road: Road of Kings
Generation: Tenth
Concept: Builder

Physical: Strength: 4, Dexterity: 3, Stamina: 3
Social: Charisma: 4, Manipulation: 1, Appearance: 2
Mental: Perception: 3, Intelligence: 3, Wits: 2

Talents: Athletics 3, Dodge 1, Expression 2, Intimidation 1, Leadership 3
Skills: Commerce 3, Crafts 4 (Masonry), Etiquette 3, Melee 2, Ride 2
Knowledges: Linguistics 2 (Latin, Italian, German), Seneschal 3

Disciplines: Celerity 1, Potence 2, Presence 1
Backgrounds: Domain 1, Generation 2, Herd 2, Influence 2, Mentor 1, Resources 2, Status 1
Virtues: Conviction: 4, Self-Control: 3, Courage: 3
Path of Kings: 7
Willpower: 3
Blood Pool: 13
Weakness: Frenzy

Notes on Backgrounds: Domain is roughly a single city block, granted to me (and within) my Sire’s (also mentor- more influential than the dots say, but he acts strictly as advisor) domain, located in the craftsman’s district of whichever Italian city. I’ve set up a sort of micro-Carthage within it, the other inhabitants (my herd, and subordinate craftsman) tithing blood to me in exchange for the work and security I can offer them. Influence and resources both come from my thriving construction pursuits, my skill and efficiency having gained me quite a reputation (and the friends in high places that come with that). My Status stems from both the good word of my sire, as well as the interest the others are taking in my little experiment- should it fail, I imagine it will be quite fleeting.



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